Don't end up like Jodie Foster in Contact, 'cause that movie sucked 

Again it seems that insurance companies will never sink too low. This is a pop-up I got on my computer today.

This reminds me of my favorite Jack Handey Deep Thought:

"To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad."



Who's Crying Now?? THE HIPPIES 

a hahahaha, hahaha, nananana. Guess who is breaking up this year??? I realize that it has already been said, but I thought it better to make it a post from me instead of the lifetime hippie, Teddy. The final finale of the hippiest band around. Yes you guessed it. I have seen confirmation, Phish has in the words of Anastasio, "run its course" and "we should end it now while it's still on a high note." Shit, if they wanted to do that...they should've stopped at their break after the fall of 2000. So it has trully become the last chance for the hippies to flock for the phatty veggie burritos and find their miracles, mollies, nuggets, and other choice tasty treats. So who will be the next savior for these vagrants of society that can only live if they are creating a fowler stench than anything else around them??? My guess is the bastard sons of our universe will migrant to one of the worse unmusical bands still touring, Widespread Panic. Good luck, you idiotic epitomes of laziness...enjoy your hippie smell, while needing to OD after listening to 5 minutes of that shit sober.




I'll be popping up on the radar here and there. I'm in an Internet Bar right now.

My stories kind of suck so far. I haven't had time to really be creative with any of them. Keep checking out my blog. I have pictures up on sarbinoff.com. Not many yet. I'm going to post some Quicktime videos sometimes soon.

Aaron, I haven't emailed your buddy yet. Satya, you here? I thought I emailed my schedule to you, but I can't remember.

Keep your eyes peeled for better stories, more pictures and some videos. Later y'all.


Free "Defeat Bush" Stickers 

In honor of the one-year anniversary of President Bush's declaration of "Mission accomplished" in Iraq, Move-on.org is proud to offer you a choice of two bumper stickers free of charge. Swing by and have them send you one for free, or make a $3 donation and get 10 stickers to hand out to your friends. Lets keep everyone aware of Dubya's failures.



Who's Crying Now Hippies? 

Those hippies in the audience who have a problem with my "Emo" music can officially suck my balls. Phish is calling it quits. Trey recently wrote a letter to Jambase.com, claiming that this years Coventry festival in Vermont will be the last stop on Phish's 21+ year career. From the letter:

For the sake of clarity, I should say that this is not like the hiatus, which was our last attempt to revitalize ourselves. We're done.

I had some great memories at the 30-some Phish shows I attended over the years. In all honesty though, they really have sucked since they came back from hiatus. More than anything else, I'll miss the priceless sales tags from parking lot vendors like "Phaaatty Saaamys" or "I got your goo-balls... loaded with pharmies!" (Teddy can vouch for that call).

The Jamband culture has grown out of the small shoes that Phish once nearly filled all on their own. Widespread and String Cheese came into their own a few years back, and the Jamband scene exploded in general with the 2-year Phish hiatus. It's hard to think that too many people are crying over this breakup, what with their new Jamband obsessions. A quick top-three memories of Phish shows past. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

1. My former roommate "Bob", being the dumbass that he is, hit a nitrous balloon and fell right into the campfire. He suffered 2nd and potential 3rd degree burns and DIDN't go to the hospital because he also happened to be on 4 hits of acid.

2. My car broke down before the show in Columbus, OH in 99 and Dave and I were forced to ride in the back of a pickup to and from the show. On the way back it poured on us for three hours while we waited in traffic to get out of the parking lot. Getting rained on at 75mph also hurts quite a bit.

3. 18-hour traffic jam on New Years Eve 1999-2000 in the middle of the gaddamn swamp in South Florida. Someone thought it was a good idea to filter 90,000 people into 1 lane of traffic.

"This has all been wonderful, but now I'm on my way."



FTP Client Proposition 

This Blog is clearly dominated by music related content. Furthermore, its members seemed inclined to share new music knowledge with one another. In an attempt at establishing a stronger musical collaboration, I would like to suggest establishing an FTP site. Honestly, I know little to nothing about them. But I know some of you losers do. An FTP site for the free exchange of music with one another is a grand idea. So someone get on that.


Bush gives Speech on Iraq and Future 

I just thought I would comment on the speech. Eventhough, I was unable to see it because I was watching the Pacers play like complete ass, I though it good to show something that I have just seen. I did a poll while reading about his speech...and I think you all would be happy to see. The question were as follows:

How would you describe President Bush's speech?
Convincing - 42%
Unconvincing - 58%
and my favorite,
How would you rate President Bush's handling of Iraq?
Poor - 54%
Fair - 7%
Good - 16%
Excellent - 23%

Included in the article is a quote: "Five months before the U.S. presidential election, violence in Iraq has helped push down Bush's approval rating to a new low and has increased skepticism about his handling of the war."

SO maybe, just maybe...the times are a-changin.

We also have this other poll:

What should we do with U.S. troop levels in Iraq?
Withdraw 42%
Increase 30%
Maintain 22%
Decrease 6%

Do you believe Iraq will become a democracy?
No 63%
Yes 37%

Obviously there is a lot of skepticism, as there should be...but I don't know about a complete withdrawal at this point. Everything would be lost.


Grant In Europe 

As many of you know, fellow giga-posters Grant & Saxdrop are in Europe right now. Grant has started up his own blog to chronicle his own thrilling misadventures with women sporting attractive backsides, yet not so attractive faces. You can visit that blog at:




Do you know your boobies? 

Alright fellas, it's time to step to the plate and prove your boobie knowledge. Via Fleshbot, checkout this quiz and prove that you can tell the difference between real and fake breastises. I scored an 18/20, Alison scored a 16/20. Post your score in the comments section.



A Call to All Phaginas 

Hey ya'll! Long time viewer, first time poster. I decided to break my silence on the blog because I'm a little concerned at the apathy of ya'll (except J-rod) towards the upcoming Phish shows. I know some of your musical tastes have drifted and you now listen to sappy emo-core or repetitive techno crap, but lest yee forget what band made you start listening to non-mainstream music in the first place.

Last I checked tickets were onsale for Deer Creek. I know it's pricey but it's a guaranteed good time. And we should feel privileged that they've decided to play in our own backyard (sucks for you douches living West of the ole Mississip). Most people agreed that Deer Creek kicks ass, and I know ya'll like Phish, even ole I-Diddy, so let's see one of the greatest live bands play at one of greatest (and one of their favorite) venues. I hope to see you there, and if you don't like live Phish, you don't like live music.


Is this real? 

If so, the man with the poorest taste just got poorer.




I got Something For Your Mind, Your Body & Your Soul 

Should you have nothing better to do than sit on your ass, I fully expect to see some of you at Birdy's (71st and Keystone) this Friday night for a triple-bill that should be undeniably solid. The Stills are headlining, with openers Metric and Sea Ray. The Stills most often draw comparisons to the Smiths (and who doesn't anymore), and they're debut record got it's fair share of good reviews, and deservingly so.

Metric (pictured) is another solid group, which I had the pleasure to see open for Broken Social Scene last fall in Bloomington. Lead-singer Emily Haines sings on a couple of cuts on You Forgot It In People, most noteably "Anthem for a 17-year-old Girl." Don't know much about Sea Ray, but they're latest Disc got a decent review at AMG. It's only $15, and well worth that. Come out and see why Canadian bands got it going on right now.



MTV (which means it's likely inaccurate) is the first to announce the release date of BleedThrough. Missing the 5-year mark by a mere 2.5 months. I care because you do.



Long vanity post 

As if writing on a blog were not vain enough, here comes self-adoration for a post-ironic world.

Bill Withers - Live at Carnegie Hall
It just doesn't get any better than this. He's performing at one of the revered institutions of music and he's bantering with the audience like he's at a Detroit juke joint. His band has some weak moments (like they need to learn how to end a song) but Withers' earnest, unpretentious voice and really one of the most overlooked pop songwriters creates a pretty fantastic aural experience. This album makes me want to cry and get up and dance at the same time.

Superfly Presents -- Best of JazzFest Sampler, Vol II
It's not as good as last year's sampler (or the Bonnaroo disc that started this series off), but the promotions company best known for jam bands and boogaloo opens this disc off with My Morning Jacket and Ween. It also includes Warren Haynes and a Steve Winwood cut (be still my heart).

Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists
Raghuram G. Rajan and Luigi Zingales
I won't go into it here.

Bringing Down the House
Ben Mezrich
I've posted on this earlier. I almost want to read it again.

The Restaurant
I know.

Adult Swim
Naturally. I really miss Home Movies (obviously from the creators of Dr. Katz) but the new Harvey Birdman episodes have been pretty fantastic.

Well, that was pointless. I'm off to Europe tomorrow (a little over five weeks). I'll try to post some pictures when I get back if you guys haven't been shut down by the FCC.


Most audacious CD released. Ever. 

Long post. Ignore this if you don't like me or the shit that I yap about.

OK, over the last two months I've listened to really only about 4 things (and, you might be surprised that Acumen Nation hasn't been one of them...OK, wait, so maybe 5 things...I can't help it):

Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right (best industrial album since The Fragile)

Entire Beastie Boys back catalog minus LTI (I am pumped for the new BB...and really dig the new single, so blow me Macky...great vid too)

Tweaker - 2am Wakeup Call (solid chill music)

Throbbing Gristle - Mutant TG & A Taste of TG (revisiting the new old skool)

But what I'm getting at here, is that from this day forward, this will change drastically (maybe not while driving, but definitely for home listening). This came out today:

This is the new Pan Sonic album. My longtime favorite Finnish experimental electronic duo dropped their new album, Kesto (234.48:4), today. The legendary Mute Records (Depeche Mode, Moby, Prodigy, Nick Cave, Throbbing Gristle, etc) had the balls to put out a 4-CD new album by these guys (the numbers following the title represent the length of the album). This shit will blow your mind and has blow mine following two full listens thusfar. Kudos Mute.


Favorite Venues 

In response to Coolfer's post today about his favorite music venues in NYC, I thought I'd follow-up with a similar post on my personal favorite music venues, using a number of different catagories.

Best Indoor Stadium (20k+): Madison Square Garden New York, NY - It's big, but the seating inside is fairly flat and that seems to help the acoustics, which are about as good as they come for indoor arenas.

Best Outdoor Ampitheatre (20k+): Deer Creek Noblesville, IN - The sound at Deer Creek is simply the best you can get for a venue of it's size. On top of that, you have readily available camping, unobstructed views, and an always-nice sunset off the left side of the pavilion.

Best Theatre (3k+): Palace Theatre Louisville, KY - Walking into this place is awe-inspiring. I've never seen the kind of ornate decoration that the Palace boasts. The theatre is small enough to be intimate, but large enough to host the likes of Beck, Prince, Trey Anastasio, etc. Plus, there's a ton of places to get a drink and a very posh back bar.

Best Large Bar / Small Theatre (500+): Bogart's Cincinnati, OH - This is by far the toughest catagory. I might have picked The Vogue in Indy, but it's usually very crowded and on occasion getting drink can be tough. There's actually open spaces in Bogart's sometimes, the sound is decent, the beer comes quick, the crowd is always rowdy, and (as I learned with Ian) there's no Backstage so if you walk around back after the show you can almost always meet the group.

Best Small Venue (500 or less): There are just way too many of these to even justify a #1. I really like the Patio in Indy because it's never crowded, has fairly cheap drinks, and gets a wide-variety of acts - many of which are national, but well below the radar (the kind of groups that would place fo 10 times as many people in Chicago or NYC).

DISHONERABLE Mention: The World Chicago, IL - I had a really bad experience here at Farm Aid in 98. This place is just nasty. Short on parking, the flattest beer you'll ever pay $7 for, huge Steel structures blocking most of the stage, and the nastiest bathrooms I've ever seen. Two bathrooms for 30,000 or so peeps, each with 2 stalls and a 10-12ft trough, and about an inch and a half of piss on the ground.

What about y'alls? Favorite / least favorite venues?



If You Could Save Yourself, You'd Save Us All 

Ween is probably the coolest band that has ever been devised or created in the past 3 decades. And since the summer festivals (the will be at Bonnaroo) and concert tours will be starting very soon, I thought why not produce the long awaited pictures from the Ween show I went to in Koeln Germany. Near the end of my time there, when I was working in Aachen (which is about an hour drive with traffic to Koeln) I noticed that Ween would be touring Europe and spend a lot of time in Germany. Although I really wanted to see a few of their shows, it wasn't to be as I had to finish up a project at my work and pack my shiznit. But I would not deny myself the chance to see at least one, so I picked the closest one to me Koln. With the help of a friend of mine whom I worked with, Felix, who let me borrow his car in times of need, I decided I would be able to take off from work 1 hour early, drive and get to Koln with plenty of time to spare. In addition to this, I wrote a girl whom I'd met at a bar the last time I was in Koln and told her that I would be coming up there to see a show at he Music Hall and invited her to come along. After she said she'd love to, I knew where I'd be sleeping that night.

After getting lost driving around Koln, arriving at her place, and a few drinks, we were off to the show by city train. Upon my arrival, I get stopped by the door man because I have a bottle of coke 90% filled with whiskey that I'm not allowed to bring in. So I down about half of it, and am set off for a great night. We walk in, they have already started, and to my surprise the place is completely full. I grab her hand and guide her through the massive amounts of people, saying "ontschuldigung, bitte", all the way to the front of the stage. The set rocked!! The sold a large beer at the bar for, Get This, only 3 euros!! I got hit on by hot german chicks, tried to sneak back stage, then went back to die schoenest Maedchen Hause and we had our own fun. Of course the next day was rough, as I was all hung over and had to drive back and go to work. Luckily, the place I worked was fairly relaxed on the dress code (as i had no shower and wore my same clothes and arrival times, so I stayed and had breakfast before taking off. All in all, it was a great night before having to leave for the US so soon. The show was on Dec. 11th and I was leaving Dec. 19th.

A final note, I have Pictures from the show for everyone to see. Additionally, I was on a Ween Forum site talking to this girl. And it turns out that she is hometown or whatever friends with the band and toured with them through parts of Europe. I had remembered her because she had gotten up on stage once and was dancing with the bassist while he was playing. Amazingly though, she had taken a couple pictures from the stage area and I just made it in one. Go Check it out!!



This azz for you 

There was once a poem by Ian Donnoe that ended with the line...

"The wrath of my ass gave you a nudge
Pretty soon you'll be eating my fudge"



On yer marks, get set... boobies! 

...and now for another update from our headquaters of worthless technology: Thanks to this new innovation in swimsuit technology, boob-spillage is nearly automatic with the the new strapless, backless bikini top. While at the beach this summer, you'll find the only thing keeping you from stealth bikini thievery is the small amount of glue gel that holds the 'swimsuit' in place. This thing is basically a glorified bandaid, and we all know how long those last in water.


For Friends, Fun and Love in the Promiseland 

So Mack the Knife is right, I will continue. I decided I had a bit more to say than should be fit into the comments section, if you lived there for a year 'n a half, you may have some knowledge too. So Pierre is in Brussels along with two friends of his Amelie and Katrin. I also have a very cool friend in Paris, Krys. He is an engineer and in Reggae band. I went to probably the coolest party ever at the Ministere de la Paix (as he called his crazy home), with all the French girls and temptatious substances one could want. Check out theMinistere If you want I can get in touch with him or my buddy Igor(whom I stayed with the first time I went to Paris) as well.

If you decide to take a trip to the South of France. One of my best friends and cutest girls, Marie, lives in Marseille. A cool town on the beach, but a bit dirty. I am sure if she has time she would take you to Aix en Provence. Very, Very close and one of the most beautiful places in France. As you can see I love France and French people and if anyone goes in this region they will over enjoy themselves. And a Previous, Fuck You!, to Jared and whoever else will make a racial bitch ass comment.

Now in London, I have two very nice and good friends, Faiza and Rob. They are students there but will be out of class this summer. So they could likely show you around, party with you and whatever you would like. They definitely know where all the hot clubs and so forth are. Rob can pick up some hot cheeky English chicks to take out with you as well. And English girls are very slutty, baleedat.

Finally, in Germany and Swizzieland, I don't really know anyone in Frankfurt or Freiburg. But if you are going to Bavaria, I have a very good friend Isabel who is from just outside Munich. I'm sure she would love to show you around Munich or wherever you may go. She has a lot of hot friends who like to party and would definitely show you a good time. She is pictured above.

Click on this link to see a picture of everyone and possibly some of the houses you may venture to or stay at if you are so inclined. Call me if you would like to know more and/or just want a little information about the areas. Ciao



Spiderman is Having me for Dinner Tonight 

Jared is always forwarding me all this bullshit. Blonde jokes, lawyer jokes, Jared is captain forward. This on the other hand is kind of interesting:


They run 10 mph, jump three feet, are a nocturnal spider, so only come out at night unless they are in shade. When they bite you, you are injected with Novocain so you go numb instantly. You don't even know you are bitten when you are sleeping, so you wake up with part of your leg or arm missing because it has been gnawing on it all night long.

If you are walking around and you bump something that is casting a shadow over it, and the sun makes contact with it, you better run. It will instantly run for your shadow, and scream the whole time it is chasing you.

PS. The one on the bottom is eating the one on the top. These are Spiders found daily in IRAQ by our troops.


Fuck Pitchfork 

I've always hated that worthless site and its pseudo-hip bullshit. There is nothing commendable about anything they do, except jump on the bandwagon of the latest fuckin faggot ass indie twatrock hacks. Their reviews are a fucking joke to boot.

So, to be quite honest, I'm glad they enjoy mocking a musician like Trent Reznor, because had they shown any praise, it could have resulted in another poseur-bitch trendhopper jumping back on the wagon, remembering how cool that "fuck you like an animal" song was. Fuck you, Pitchfork...you can eat me balls.




The Cure announced the first dates for their Curiosa mini-festival tour today. Looks to be a pretty solid lineup.

Main Stage:

The Cure
Interpol (very good band)
The Rapture
Mogwai (which is why I'll be going)

2nd Stage:

Cooper Temple Clause
Melissa auf der Maur
Head Automatica


7/24 - West Palm Beach, FL
7/25 - Tampa, FL
7/28 - Nashville, TN
7/29 - Atlanta, GA
7/31 - New York, NY
8/1 - Camden, NJ
8/3 - Cincinnati, OH (I shall be here)
8/4 - Cleveland, OH
8/7 - Boston, MA
8/11 - Detroit, MI
8/12 - Chicago, IL
8/14 - Dallas, TX
8/15 - Houston, TX
8/17 - Denver, CO
8/18 - Salt Lake City, UT
8/27 - Los Angeles, CA

Also, the new Cure album is to be released this summer. Self-titled, it's produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Machine Head, etc) and is said to have plenty of his signature drop-D heaviness. Will be interesting for sure.


Study a broad... 

Gentlemen (and the very few ladies who peruse this site),

I'm off to Europe on May 19th for 5 weeks. I'm doing a study abroad program through my school, 6 credit hours.

I fly into Frankfurt and take the train to Strasbourg where our program is based. We have weekend trips to Brussels, Geneva, Freiburg, Luxembourg and Paris. We're spending the last 5-7 days in London. I get back on June 28th.

Any ideas on things to do or see in those cities? I've been to them all before except for Geneva and Brussels. Any tips on wines or beers I should check out, or restaurants and clubs?



Let's pass the blame... 

"'Morale suffered, and over the next few months there did not appear to have been any attempt by the command to mitigate this morale problem,' the Taguba report says."

It seems that the folks responsible for this are trying to justify their actions.

The people in this photo and others are now claiming that the alleged abuses are a result of too much responsibility imposed on the underlings. They're blaming the upper brass for their own actions. Have you guys seen the pictures? The lady in this photo is also pictured in another photo making a prisoner pleasure himself in front of her. There are also photos of posing prisoners in homosexual acts. I've also read about, but not seen, photos of lewd behavior with corpses. I've also read about alleged rapes of female and male prisoners. There have also been mentions of murders.

I find it difficult to believe that these people were "just following orders." Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems highly illogical that the people in command said, "Go make that guy over there whack off." The military seems pretty good at covering their ass. I'm sure that they wouldn't command people to violate the Geneva Convention.

The news articles report that there are a half dozen people responsible. I would advise the US to give these people up to be tried in international courts. If we let these people walk, then we'll further ruin our image in the international community. I was pleased to see Rumsfeld actually apologize. I also find it hard to believe that 6 people are responsible for all of this. I hope that these 6 people aren't just taking the fall for dozens of other culpable parties.

I've also heard reports that the woman in the picture is just some dumb girl from West Virginia, and, therefore, should not be held responsible. This is ridiculous. There's no excuse for this crap. Are they basically saying that the put retards in charge of running the prisons over there? I wish I could say that I shouldn't be held responsible for being a moron because I am a moron. Does this make sense? Oh, wait, I'm a moron so I couldn't tell you. I just do what I'm told. Let me go rape someone and get away with it because I'm a moron.



One Liter Cola Please 

Slate has a great article on the new documentary Super Size Me that debuted at this year's Sundance. The article claims that those who see the flick will never again chow the Mickey-D. I've heard the same thing from a slew of vegetarians armed with brochures and I'm still eating the stuff. That's right I'm a McDonalds fan. I'd love to stop eating it, but I can't help myself. Their breakfast is extreme goodness. Really though, I think it's their coke. McDonald's fountain Coke is the undisputed champion of sodas. Check out this insider tip on why McDonalds Coke is so damned tasty.



Whoever said the arts are dead... 

...probably isn't liking this latest development. If you haven't heard yet, a Picasso painting (Garçon à la Pipe) sold for $104 million last night at Sotheby's New York. It's the most expensive piece of art sold at auction to date.
Professor Cowen has two books examining the role (read: benefits) of commerce in the arts and culture. All hail free markets!


My Spidey Sense is Getting Annoyed 

Call it tasteless, call it tacky, but get over it.

"...ads for the movie 'Spider-Man 2' will be placed atop bases at major league ballparks during games from June 11-13."

The studio doing it, by the way, is Columbia Pictures. Full story here. Then enter nanny-extraordinaire, Ralph Nader, into the fray.

I think everyone here knows how indifferent I am to commercialization of sports, or anything for that matter, so this doesn't really bother me. Apparently it really bothers Rep. George Nethercutt (R-WA), who has threatened baseball commissioner Bud Selig with legislative action if this deal goes through. Sheesh! Is it really necessary to bring in congress over this?

The Agitator has an awesome post on this, as well as an explanation of the hypocrisy of two ESPN commentators bitching about commercialism in sports.



Moore to get NC-17 Rating?? Fahrenheit 911 

If they really want to block it, it would have to be worthy of such a rating, or have a high budget...haha, I don't think so. Or maybe, Michael Moore should just be taken to Guantanamo for Espionage. So I'm sure most of you have heard this already. Is this not the next step of unbelievable media blockage or hypocracy by and of the Bush/Republican administration. uh, Anyone hear of the First Amendment?? For years they've been screaming of the Liberal bias of the media. Holy Shit!! Just tell me what you think about the fact that Disney is strongarming Miramax not to produce/distribute Michael Moore's new film because of its highly anti-Bush motif including the linking of Bush to the Saudis; and bin Laden's family. I don't know about you, but I have heard about a lot of elbow rubbing between the Bushes and Saudis, bin Laden's family..but I don't really know all the specifics and I think that the voice (right or wrong) needs to be louder and heard by more people. Just check out the irony of the whole thing from this quote from the NY Times:

"Mr. Moore's agent, Ari Emanuel, said Michael D. Eisner, Disney's chief executive, asked him last spring to pull out of the deal with Miramax. Mr. Emanuel said Mr. Eisner expressed particular concern that it would endanger tax breaks Disney receives for its theme park, hotels and other ventures in Florida, where Mr. Bush's brother, Jeb, is governor.

Do you SEE it?? It appears that a conspiracy of Bush/Conservative ties is being created/used to protect against the telling of other conspiracies and Bush/Conservative ties. Now a question for everyone...Are there too many ties with the media and politicians?? Is this not the largest area of problems with the lobbying and campaign finance? Either way, don't you think the title of his new film is cooleyo?



The District, sans Craig T. Nelson 

Yo yo yo. Just got back from DC on monday morning and thought I'd fill y'all in on the action. I tagged along with Alison who has (had) a conference there this Monday and Tuesday. We had some goods times. I've made a small collage of the photos I took, and I encourage you to swing over here to check out the rest of them.

We got in Friday night and went striaght over to the 9:30 Club to catch the Plea for Peace festival, a voter registration event touring the country featuring Cursive, Darkest Hour, and Mike Park. We got there late and only got to see Cursive, who weren't all bad. The crowd was a crazy mix of veteren metal-heads, hipsters, emo-teens, junkies, and straight-edgers - your typical disenchanted teens and twenty-somethings.

Saturday we made the rounds at the Mall, checking out American History Museum, Sculpture Garden, and some of the outdoor monuments / memorials. Saturday night we stayed out late and checked out a few bars and clubs in Adams Morgan. I was surprised at how hip this town actually is. Sunday we took a stroll through Chinatown and Dupont Circle, which has to be home to at least 70-80% of the gay male population in the U.S.

To any people heading to DC in the near future, I would highly suggest you stroll off the beaten path a little bit.



Ch-Check It Out 

New Beastie Boys single is out...it's hmmm, alright. The album will be golden fo sho though. Tentatively due June 15th, To the Five Boroughs will doubtfully disappoint.

Look for it on your local PTP, FTP...or buy it off iTunes.


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