Hollywood Shrugged 

Variety reports on another attempt to turn Atlas Shrugged into a movie. As some of you may know, the development of this 1,100 page tome into a movie has been plagued with false starts. But apparently Lionsgate is interested and may pick up some shrewd partners to help out.

It also mentions (I didn't know this) that Oliver Stone had apprently been attached to direct a remake of "The Fountainhead" a while back. Bizarre! And how perfect would Brad Pitt have been as Howard Roark? Although it's probably not possible to top Gary Cooper in the original.

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Mexico to decriminalize everything!!! 

Why didn't this happen just a couple months ago when I was there??? Man it's going to be tough as nails coming back from Mexico from now on!!

Yes that's right, small amounts of marijuana to LSD to heroin...now all legal to possess. I think it's even ok to kill, as long as it's a "little person." But seriously this is an awesome experiment. People (Me) have been saying this would work to limit the drug war, prisoners, and deaths caused by drugs. If it works, it may just trickle over to our world.


Living with War 

Neil's new album is streaming right now @ www.neilyoung.com. Since the server seems to be too slow for all the traffic it's getting and I can only listen to the first song, I'll leave you with the name sake controversy song lyrics of "Let's Impeach the President." Pretty solid.

Let’s impeach the president for lying
And leading our country into war
Abusing all the power that we gave him
And shipping all our money out the door

He’s the man who hired all the criminals
The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors
And bend the facts to fit with their new stories
Of why we have to send our men to war

Let’s impeach the president for spying
On citizens inside their own homes
Breaking every law in the country
By tapping our computers and telephones

What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees
Would New Orleans have been safer that way
Sheltered by our government’s protection
Or was someone just not home that day?

Let’s impeach the president
For hijacking our religion and using it to get elected
Dividing our country into colors
And still leaving black people neglected

Thank god he’s cracking down on steroids
Since he sold his old baseball team
There’s lot of people looking at big trouble
But of course the president is clean

Thank God



Academics Gone Wild! 

Maybe no one will find this as funny as I did, but check out these video segments/sketches done by the Columbia Business School (I know, how lame does that sound).

In particular, you should see the two videos featuring the school's dean, Glenn Hubbard, "Every Breath You Take," and especially "Dean Dean Baby" done as a spoof of "Ice Ice Baby."

Glenn Hubbard is an economist (and scholar for that matter) of the highest caliber, and to see former Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisors, and short-lister to replace Alan Greenspan, make butt-slapping motions on one of his hot-ass foreign grad students just trips my trigger. Although seeing him "pull up the Facebook" so he can invite all the hotties to his "Dean's dinners" may also take the cake too.

Perhaps most amazing about the video is how someone as productive as himself finds time to film these things.

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Go Pacers! 

What's up, gigabitches. I just wanted to give a shout out to our Indiana Pacers, who managed to pull off the win over New Jersey this afternoon. I don't know about you guys, but I'm just glad that we're in the postseason after faltering so much this year. If we can win a playoff series, that would be the dope shit. I am surprised I'm the one throwing up the Pacers post here. Mike and Aaron, you better not be cheering for the Bulls. Jared, same goes for the Supersonics. Ian, the Sixers suck and root for the Pacers -- you live in Indy now, biznitch! C'mon Steve, step it up -- did you even watch the game? Saxdrop, you have no obligation but let's hear a 'Go Pacers!' And that goes for the rest of you gigabitches, where ever you live, let's hear it for our team. And since we all know Indiana ain't goin' too far in the postseason, I'm picking the Pistons to win and I'm rooting for Cleveland and LeBron when (or if, it could happen) the Pacers lose. What about ya'll?


"When I was at Harvard, 

I smoked weed everyday, I cheated every test, I snorted all the yay."

Natalie decides to tell us what it's really like in a day in the life as Natalie Portman. "I never said I was a role model.

All the kids lookin up to me can suck my dick. I'll drink till I'm sick."

Natalie is either the coolest chick in the world, or she's doing an awesome PR job of changing her image a bit. In either case, I have to agree with it. As she says, "Fuck your man it's my name that he's screamin." Ain't that the truth.



We Gonna Get yo money 

Time Out Chicago had a good article recently on how to research and claim unclaimed funds. These might include old utility deposits, bank balances and other forgotten cash. My well is dry (in more than one way on this particular day), but check it out and see if there is any free money out there for you.

Indiana Unclaimed
Illinois Unclaimed

If you're looking for another state, check out Unclaimed.org for guidance.



TOOL on tour in U.S. 

Oh man, where's the toilet paper ... I think I just shat my pants. While wasting time at work perusing the Web I stumbled across spring U.S. tour dates for TOOL. No joke, the band is doing a U.S. tour of club/theater shows before heading to Europe for festivals and arena shows this summer. Most tickets are on sale Saturday via ticketslave. Your's truly will be trying to score tickets to the show in Denver on May 10, but there is a show May 12 in Chicago that should not be missed. Put away your lamo indie-rock whiny pussy crap, TOOL is coming to your town!!!

Here is the full list:


And remember, the new album comes out May 2 and the new single "Vicarious" is playing on favorite hard rock station as you read this. Unfortunately, I won't be at the first gig at Coachella b/c my parents are coming to town (weak), but am psyched about the latest round of dates. You should be too.


Neil's Back Baby 

Neil Young has decided to take a political stance. This is the first time in a long time he actually jumps on to the rational side (and wanting an ousting of this fascistadmin.), which at this moment is not beyond the limits of possibility...however late he may be. If you remember, after his song "Let's Roll", he came out publicly for the Patriot Act (the unrational side). It appears as his idiocy has finally been realized (the backing of this administration and the Patriot act) and he's pissed off to be lied to by the government once again....he says, "Let's Impeach the President", I say, with all the other ah, "forced retirements" why not.

I say, "Power Trio" Whaaaa??

Please excuse my lack of writing ability, I was at work trying put out what was in my mind faster than the keys would move.


It's official - Go cubs 

It's official, I am a "Cubs fan." Last year I came to Chicago with an open mind, ready to root for the team that proved they could lose more games. Was there ever any question? I moved here ready to be a Cub-hater -- prepared to piss in the Old Style of all those bullshit fans who treat Wrigley Field like a glorified meet market -- eager to live the life of a frustrated Sox fan. Then the Sox had to go win the damn World Series.

Well F*CK THAT. I'm sick and tired of seeing all these sox fans sitting on their high horse wearing those pleather-fied Sox jackets and jerseys so brand new you can still see the creases. More than anything, I'm sick of hearing Journey's "Don't stop Believing." What idiot decided that this would be the Sox theme song??? Just to recap, one of the first lines of the tune is:
"Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detriot."
Hey fans, that's Detriot! You know, that rival team in your division? Get a clue, people.

So Ian, sorry dude... I know you had hoped for and expected more. Jared: seeing as how you are a Cards fan I guess this means we can't be friends any more. That, or we can just start bathroom brawls from time to time.


More sports page 

Apologies for not posting much lately -- I haven't been in blog mode. There's much to discuss on the IU front, now that players are beginning to decide their fate.

No surprise that last week Robert Vaden annouced his intentions to follow Mike Davis to UAB. Say what you will about the overall intelligence / benefits of that decision -- I'll still wish Vaden and MD the best of luck.

DJ White has been speaking with Sampson everyday, and the coach has stated that DJ is usually the first to show up to practice each day and the last to leave. While an official annoucement has not been made, all the indicators point to DJ staying put in Bloomington next year -- unless he's simply getting in shape to test the NBA waters. Let's hope not.

Six and half foot, 245 point junior college transfer Mike White just signed on last week. His size and strength should finally provide a nice compliment to DJ on the inside.

Several questions remain: Who will fill the scoring void as a result of Vaden's departure? What's our starting lineup next year? Here's how I see it playing out:

PG - Calloway
SG/SF - Wilmont
SG/SF - Ratliff
PF - Mike White
C - DJ White

To me, this lineup seems like the most logical choice to represent Sampson's defense-first coaching philosophy. I don't yet see Ben Allen fitting in as a starter, primarily because of his still undeveloped inside game and lack of defensive fundamentals. He will still get plenty of minutes and probably be the first man off the bench each game.

It's also nice to hear that Armon Bassett has decided to re-committ to Indiana, after some chatter that he might ask to be let out of letter of intent. His presence should clear up questions as to which player will back up Calloway at PG. Still, with Ratliff and Wilmont on the floor as starters, there are serious questions about our depth at SF and SG. I don't know much about this Joey Shaw kid (red-shirted last year), but there is no question that SG / SF depth has now become major priority for Coach Sampson.

So mates, who do you see in the starting lineup next year?



The More You Know 

site is hilarious. Yes, I am still this immature. BUT, would that not be one of the coolest indie t-shirts ever made? I'm thinking smokey the bear green with firey red letters.

I leave you with The Office's versions of The More You Know. And start the cackle.




Crazy that an only online release could hit #1 on the U.K. singles chart. Crazy that production-wunderkind Dangermouse could create yet another groundbreaking album. Crazy that my boy Cee-Lo from one of my favorite groups would be his co-collaborator on this one.

Crazy that I haven't yet plugged in to Atlanta's burgeoning underground hip-hop scene, notwithstanding it's teeming with crunk and all.

The Wall Street Journal reports (rr) that the eccentric if now increasingly familiar "character collaboration" known as Gnarls Barkley topped the pops over in the U.K. with their first single "Crazy," the first time an online release has done so.

Have we heard the track(s)? What do we think?

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Now I've Seen It All: Cricket Hooligans 

Once again, while sifting through photos of international intrigue for the Jackson Hole Daily, I stumbled across a pic that seemed quite Giga-worthy. Not just because it's a sweet riot photo, but because this image was captured at a cricket match. A cricket match!!! Hockey fans have been known to exchange blows, football fans occasionally throw snowballs at players, Pistons fans hold their own, and their's the beer-soaked, totally pissed off, world-famous Scottish soccer hooligan. The carnage and bloodshed that rioting soccer hooligans wreck on their stadiums and each other is legendary, but what happens when you piss off cricket fans in India? Utter chaos!!!

A fifth limited leftovers international (whatever the fuck that means) between India and England was called off without starting because the field was too wet. The fans, who had been waiting for six hours, were so shitty that there was no hot cricket action that they started fires, fought with police and raised hell Hindu-style. Of course, the photo says it all. Note how that guy is getting smacked so hard on his ass that the bamboo rod is actually bending in mid-swack. On a side note, blame was later placed on officials for not calling the match sooner. It seems no matter what sport, it's always the refs' fault.



Heading To The Hizzie! 

Attention all gigawatts alumni! I just wanted to let all you (Lube, Mackey, ID, Aaron, Headlight, ect) I will be in Indy this weekend. Arriving on Thursday and leaving on Sunday. Friday and Sat will be the going out nights, however I am sure Friday will be the roudy one. Come all..drink all! I can't wait to hear who is married, getting divorced, or just spreadin DNA.


The More You Know 

Bush said: "My own judgment is that our party will continue to succeed because we're the party of ideas."

Oh ya, and Tom DeLay resigns...but Bush's statement was much more surprising to me. DeLay did mention to Fox that, "It's time for me to go do something else." Well, at least he didn't say he wanted to spend more time with his family. Maher already asked for everyone to stop resigning with that line.

On a different note, TONIGHT Durkin's 7pm to 9pm free domestics. And you get to watch the Hixer and the greatest Euchre player ever win the Euchre League as expected. Come join the fun. And you can say, "Aaron and Mike, please teach me, oh Holy Euchre Gods." And we will answer, "You are not worthy!!" But then we will say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON!!


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