Confessions of a Trivial Mind 

It's taken the blogosphere by storm, but if you haven't seen it, Ken Jennings (yah, the Jeopardy! player extraordinaire) has started a blog. I guess it's no big surprise, but he's incredibly clever and self-aware. As much as I love Jeopardy!, I never joined the cult of Ken because, you see, on the Left Coast the show plays at the wholly inappropriate time of 4:00pm -- don't people have jobs (Parker-Renga's excluded, of course)? So I never really got the chance to know Ken the way others did, to become familiar with his only slightly awkward but totally peculiar, understated humor.

As an entree to the Jennings feast, there's this post and picture.

Unrelated: I feel like the possible killing off of Harry Potter is primed to be some landmark cultural event (where were you when charming British wizard died in questionable magic wand accident?). So, I almost feel compelled to read one of the books (or atleast see the third movie, where that chick starts to become hot) lest I be relegated to pop culture non-entity status.



"Radiohead has much in common with the Grateful Dead" 

The great expositer of hip-hop, and all that is otherwise hip in music, Sasha Frere-Jones of The New Yorker makes an unlikely but apt connection between two seemingly polar points in the music continuum.

Frere-Jones' latest column is on how he was slowly (or is slowly) converted on the whole temple of Radiohead.

I thought his line, which is the title of this post, was particularly uncanny as I saw both Radiohead (Saturday) and Greatful Dead offspring Phil Lesh and Friends (Sunday) as headliners at this year's Bonnaroo.
Yorke, as his early sponsor Michael Stipe once did, plays his voice the way his bandmates play their instruments, and he has impressively consistent pitch. Radiohead sounds like an instrumental band that happens to have a singer.

I think that's about right. Radiohead is sans record deal and already road-testing new songs for the album in progress. I'm glad to have seen them on one of their limited American engagements.

Aside: I'm jealous of those with access to this year's Lollapalooza lineup, but the following are bands/artists I was able to check out at the 'Roo this year in order:

--Nickel Creek
--Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
--Lyrics Born
--My Morning Jacket
--Umphrey's McGee
--Steel Train
--Mike Doughty's Band
--Upright Citizen's Brigade/Aziz Ansari
--Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
--Bonnie Raitt
--Phil Lesh & Friends



Haha Funnies 

As a sign of good faith that I will continue to post on this mother, here is a selection of photos I found while doing a Google Image Search for the phrase "Stupid Bush." I think I like the second to last one the best.



Getting my own place 

Yo homeys. Damn, I go away for a while and this blog gets staright up nuts! I just wanted to let you all know that I've started another blog which I am calling Deep Fat. You can find it a http://deepfat.blogspot.com. I hope everyone will read it regularly, comment, link to it, yada.

I'll still be around, posting things on the Watts. DF will give me a chance to put some variety in to my posts. One thing about writing for the Gigawatts is that you know there are about 10-20 people who regularly check the blog. Because of the general nature of Gigawatts -- the type of content we post -- it's kind of necessary to write expressly for those 10-20 people. This new location will essentially allow me to post whatever the fuck I please and not have to feel like I'm writing for an audience, or being preachy about my opinions, and so on.

This blog serves a very clear purpose: to be funny, make fun of friends, and post pictures of freshly-shaven testes and acne-fied butt cheeks in the faces of unsuspecting sleeping giner-boys. Why clog up the pipeline with my phony-bologna?

Since I'll be posting here less frequently, I bequeath this blog upon your respective asses and challenge all of you do your best to keep this mother afloat.

Thanks, god bless, and read my new blog.



Once Again The First to Go 

I know that a number of us have partied with the always enjoyable Franklin Haag, and we all know his one downfall. As the evidence provided proves, his weakness has once again been exposed. We recently had a bachelor party for Frank and of course there was a digusting amount of drinks consumed, and to answear your next question we did see boobs. Frank was no doubt the main attraction and as the night went on he tried everything he could to be the main event. As you see, Frank was, believe it or not, the first to pass out. I know that many of you have similar pics of a salute to him, or even Frank wearing a pair of Arabian goggles. Coming from a man who has to communicate with everyone via a blog, Franks existence is soon coming to an end. The moral of the story is since few of us will see Frank after the wedding, any time you can stick a butt or sac in his face...DO IT!!


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