A message from Ronen, the Chinaman in the black pajamas 

A message from the Ro-dill-bean/beater, a.k.a. Frank TJ Mackey
Just got back homie. I added a little comment to your more recent DeepFat blog. I haven't had blog access for quite some time and am happy to be back to censor free internet. Here are a couple pics i'd like to share with the blog mates, but I don't remember how to post. If you see fit, please add to one of your blog sites. You're my man and I hope to see your ass soon. I'm moving out to Tucson, AZ on Sunday and will be there for 5 years so if you happen to be in the area, I hope you'll stop by. No digits yet, but i'll hook you up when i get a new phone. Take sleazy my brother.

These shots are f*cking histerical. Enjoy. Oh how we missed your sweet, taught Jewish manbreasts.



I am getting to old for this...Nevermind! 

Gentlemen, this is sad! We have not had a post in over 2 weeks. I can not bitch b/c I have not posted shit since March when I was shreddin' gnar gnar with the powder hound (Cypress Hill himself - Tedro). I apologize for not keeping in touch and fillin' you in on Washington State and the whole other world I live in...literally...
This holiday weekend, Geoff (a Purdude buddy I met out here) and I took a roadtrip to Portland to taste some good and healthy NW beers, visit the Blues Fest (craziness 25,000+ hippies), and see all the titties we could handle. Usually I am a man of "no stip clubs these days." However, Portland is known for their cheap full nudity and drinks...so of course I went over my budget. Spent too much money and almost got booted b/c of misconduct. I could live in Portland....hmmmm..become a "pow hound" in the winter, cheap cover to nonstop fun-bag access, good beers, free boobies...ehhhhh the life. Seriously speaking, Portland is a great town! It is half the size of Seattle but could be the shizz if played right. However, watch out for mad hippies, attractive women, lots of pubs, Teddy's mom, and Mt. St. Helens (and Mt. Hood). I would recommend this city to all! Later biootches.......It is 5:45am Pacific Time and I am off to the greens. Hit em' straight!



Athletes in Action 

Here's a site to keep your eye on: Drunk Athletes. Among the many candid images, this one of Dirk Nowitski probably tops them all.


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